Located in Abu Dhabi at the Armed Forces Officers Club, Smart Acres is set to launch in the third quarter of 2020 and will be the UAE’s newest hydroponic vertical farm. The venture ticks all those important 2020 eco requirements; it’s a green, efficient and sustainable way of farming high-quality locally-sourceable produce. One of the main challenges of any agricultural operation in the UAE is the climate. The hot summers and relatively low level of rainfall make it difficult to cultivate many traditional food crops.

As the name suggests Smart Acres employs some innovative tech to overcome these obstacles. The farm is separated into interior modules that come equipped with award-winning IoT-based (internet of things) technology which enables micro-management of crop growth. This process means that farming practices consume less resources and are able to generate high-quality harvests. It also means that they won’t have to rely on pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals. 

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