Passive sunning: Maximizing the efficiency of intelligent light and water

NOVAGRIC, in collaboration with Tecnalia, has developed an innovation project that solves the critical points of vertical agriculture, increasing the profitability of this type of installation. The project, supported and financed by the CDTI (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology) and the…

An electric boiler key to your successful and affordable energy mix?

Extreme fluctuations in electricity prices are expected in the coming years, with prices for usage changing throughout the day and over the course of the year. The energy imbalance is boosting the demand for electric boilers in greenhouse horticulture. Bosman van Zaal has also noticed a sharp increase in…

Intelligent Growth Solutions

A case study by the James Hutton Institute

Scotland: Does green vertical farming offer a sustainable alternative to conventional farming?

A new study by Frances Sandison, Jagadeesh Yeluripati and Derek Stewart, researchers at the James Hutton Institute, seek to compare four major procurement pathways for popular seasonal produce in order to contrast vertical farm production to traditional farming methods. Using lettuce as an example crop,…

NL: Grid operators not shocked by growth in electricity demand for greenhouse horticulture

"We haven't been paying as much attention to electricity during this energy crisis," said Nico van Ruiten during the annual Meet&Greet Energy. It's all about gas these days, but we 'have to get rid of it,' while electricity becomes even more important. Reason enough for Greenport West-Holland to have…


Israel: Agrovoltaics project researches potential of obtaining renewable energy

A project on a small piece of land in the desert of Israel could be a game-changer in the fight against world hunger. Surrounded by palm trees, arid land, and date farms, this research project has found a way to grow food in desert-like areas while producing electricity.   After years of development, the project —…

UK: Innovations in vertical and urban farming

Watch again this webinar showcasing the researchers that have been working on SFN-backed ideas around exploring technologies for improving and innovating in vertical and urban farming.


European food producers vexed by energy price increases

In 2019, energy had a 2% share in the total costs of food manufacturers in the EU. Given the sharp increase in energy prices, that share currently ranges between 7.5-10% (without price caps or compensation). There are also many signals that some food manufacturers have seen their energy bills rise to up…

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