Friday, September 24, 2021

Vertical and Micro Gardening

Bringing small-scale vertical farming to Uganda

“Having lived in the city, I could see that people were struggling to find food. But in villages, there is a lot of food available. Since I had experience in agriculture, I decided to bring these skills to the cities,” says Paul Matovu, founder and CEO of Vertical and Micro Gardening (VMG). Vertical and…

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Re-cap of panel discussion at Organic Produce Summit

CEA expected to rapidly grow in the next 10 years

Last week, one of the educational sessions at the Organic Produce Summit included a panel discussion on the Growth of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA): What's Real and What's Hype? One thing all participants agreed on is that CEA is here to stay. Moderated by Walter Robb, former co-CEO of Whole Foods…

Germany: Using vertical farms to replace Berlin’s 'controversial' motorway?

Costing 200,000 euros per meter to construct, the 3.2-kilometer (1.9-mile) extension of Berlin’s motorway ring road was always controversial. If completed, it would bring 130,000 cars per day to south and east Berlin by 2022. As the political will to act on the climate crisis builds, the extension is…


New GreenPower LED production module launched

Signify introduces the next edition of the Philips GreenPower LED production module. The new range caters for more flexibility in research applications with its improved research modules and allows for even more color and light intensity controllability when adding a GrowWise control system. The enhanced…

US: Grow Well Model introduces zero-waste concept to consumers

Vertical Harvest Farms has partnered with Avant Delivery to bring customers their Fall Farm Share 2021 with 100% reusable packaging. The partnership came into fruition when Vertical Harvest was looking to up their sustainability game for farm share customers, and Avant was just launching their local…

Image provided by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Japan: Moon-base food production initiatives for future missions

As part of goals to begin long-term stays on the moon's surface in the late 2030s, a Japanese government-led project to promote the development of technology to cultivate and supply food outside Earth is set to take off. The government envisages a system to maximize the use of organic waste on the moon…

US (TX): A tour through a small, but efficient hydroponic farm

Come on a farm tour with me to a super-efficient, small-scale hydroponic farm in Dallas, TX Profound Microfarms. The farm is led by Jeff Bednar, who also created Profound Foods, a food hub for connecting local farmers and chefs in the Dallas Fortworth Area.

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An economic model of sustainable development in the Russian arctic

The main aim of the article is to find out the key factors of sustainable development of the Russian Arctic, which is strategically significant for Russia. Academic literature was reviewed to find out the time dynamics of the references to the economic models suitable for achieving the goals of…


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