Friday, March 24, 2023

Latvia: “Container farms are everything you need, modular and affordable”

“We’re growing more and more into vertical farming as we’re developing various container farms for customers across Europe. At this point in time, we have microgreens farms, strawberry containers, and we’re now working on a mushroom farm,” says Peteris Ozols, Production & Design director and co-founder…

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An Östenssons Livs AB partnership

Sweden: Swegreen launches farming display in supermarket

On Thursday, March 23, Östenssons' new store in Björkalund, Sweden, becomes the first of the several planned in-store farms to be launched in a collaboration between Swegreen and Östenssons.  Swegreen and Östenssons launched their first In-store farm on Thursday, March 23, with the ambition of rolling out…

Finland: Arctic Farming searches partner for life-cycle assessment and impact of their product

Arctic Farming is an AgriTech startup based in Otaniemi, founded in 2019 by a team of experts in the space industry with a mission to revolutionize the way food is produced on Earth and beyond by making vertical farming mainstream. Their solution (patent pending) enables anyone to grow fresh herbs, leafy…

The evolution of the microgreens business

In an expanding space such as indoor and greenhouse growing, how do you make your company stand out? For City Roots Organic, it starts with the story. The company is a South Carolina-based family-owned business that specializes in one item: organic microgreens. "The microgreens market is increasing.…

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Improving energy- and water for vertical farms

Vertical farms have a higher-than-average energy usage of 38.8 kWh per kg of produce. How do we curb this trend and work to make indoor farms more energy efficient? What technology is leading the way to allow vertical farms to leverage renewables and other forms of energy? Most Vertical farms are not…

Great Australian lettuce inflation should be a lesson for the future

In Australian supermarkets, the cost of lettuce has been driven up by complex factors, including drought, followed by labor and supply chain shortages, floods, and the…



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