Tuesday, August 9, 2022

In collaboration with Siemens Financial Services

Urban Crop Solutions launches financing option for its clients

Urban Crop Solutions and Siemens Financial Services have launched a program whereby, under certain conditions, customers of Urban Crop Solutions can benefit from a financing option offered by Siemens Financial Services. Customers that have a sound financial track will be able to benefit from this new…

Photo 48998858 © Prasit Rodphan | Dreamstime.com

Carbon footprint of importing food could be 7.5x higher than thought

A new study in Nature Food has found that food’s transport emissions, once thought to be a negligibly small proportion of food systems emissions, are much higher than previously estimated and that the carbon footprint estimates of imported fruits and vegetables will be particularly impacted.  If you work in…

Applications close on 3 October 2022

UK: £15,000 vouchers available for horticultural, food and drink research

A voucher scheme offering food and drink businesses 75% funding towards projects worth up to £20,000 with leading research organizations has been launched by Growing Kent &…

Surna Cultivation Technologies

Demystifying the complex process of MEP retrofitting for CEA

One of Surna Cultivation Technologies' core offerings is its HVAC equipment, which is designed to minimize energy consumption while providing optimal growing conditions for plants. In addition to HVAC equipment, Surna also offers MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineering services to help…

Madar Farms introduces new rPET packaging

Many probably thought that brown boxes made of cardboard are more sustainable than plastic containers. However, Madar Farms is here to demonstrate the other side of the story with its new packaging. It's been a long two-year journey until they landed its new packs. The company has investigated all the…

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