Friday, January 28, 2022

Japan: Meeting high lettuce demand through automated vertical farm production

“In Japan, the average age of farmers is over 67 years old. As the birth rate is declining, we believe that Japan's agricultural problems cannot be solved without automation in the future. We, therefore, realized a state-of-the-art vertical farm using Japanese industrial technology. In the future, we…

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Eeden farm by 80 Acres Farms:

Bahamas: $60m farm project aiming to ‘make agriculture sexy’

Bahamian investors will get details on how they can invest in a $60m hydroponic farming project by early March, its principals saying yesterday: “We want to make agriculture sexy again.” Lincoln Deal, Eeden Farms’ co-founder, told Tribune Business that Bahamians would get a chance to participate in a…

Photo by Ed Massery

US (PA): Fifth Season establishes its headquarters at new office location

Fifth Season, a Pittsburgh-based vertical farming startup using robotics and AI to grow various types of produce indoors, has established The Highline in Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood as its official headquarters. As the company eyes Columbus, Ohio, for a second farming location, establishing an…

Ohio-based vertical farm opens first New York state location in Cheektowaga

An indoor gardening supply business chose the Buffalo area for its first New York state store. Ohio-based Indoor Gardens, founded in 1992, opened a shop late last year at 3385 Harlem Road, Cheektowaga. The retailer sells indoor gardening products in the store and online and has shops in north and south…


Contaminated leafy greens turn purple

Some might say you look a little green when you are sick. Leafy greens actually turn purple — although not obvious to the human eye, it can be seen through advanced hyperspectral imaging (different than purple varieties of some vegetables). Purdue researchers discovered this color change in kale and…

Farming water is becoming ever-scarcer: what are the alternatives?

Good horticultural irrigation water availability is becoming an ever-growing global issue. Worldwide, climate change plays a significant role in this. In Europe, it is shrinking groundwater levels. In the Netherlands, research is already underway at the industry level. People are trying to find…

Alyssa Carnevali | Staff Photographer

Pitt brings eco-friendly growing machines to the dining halls

Walking into the dining halls this semester, Pitt students can find Pitt Eats staff using four large glass machines flourishing with herbs. These transparent fridge-like structures represent the next step toward a more sustainable campus. These machines, known as “Babylon Micro-Farms,” use controlled…

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