Friday, November 25, 2022

Vertical Farming Conference in Veldhoven

Consumer perception of vertical farming (products) in the Netherlands

"It appears that 14% of the consumers know the vegetable labels that would have terms on them such as organic, fairtrade, Demeter, local, ready to eat, and on the way to planet proof. However, 90% don't know food labels for vegetables," Gemma Tacken, Senior market researcher at Wageningen University,…

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Courtesy Legacy Co-op

CAN: Legacy Co-op announces sustainable modular farm project

The Board of Directors at Legacy Co-op have approved a modular farm project to be operated on the Yorkton food store site. "Through this project, we will secure safe, healthy leafy greens grown to own our own locations as a part of our sustainability pillar. Given the volatility in price and supply of…

US: NJ nonprofit to host live fundraiser, showing vertical farm

Newark-based nonprofit “I Have A Dream” Foundation-New Jersey (IHDFNJ) will host a live fundraising event for Giving Tuesday on November 29 at the Thirteenth Avenue Elementary School. Officials say, “Giving Tuesday LIVE!” in celebration of IHDFNJ’s work in support of Thirteenth Avenue and will feature…

Picture: bwcon

Organifarms wins CyberOne Hightech Award

With the "ambitious goals, a great founding team, a viable business model with broad application scenarios, and their approach to a social problem," Organifarms convinced the jury, as Fabian Sacharowitz explained on behalf of the experts. Organifarms received CyberOne Hightech Award on stage in Tübingen.…


Canada: Can hydroponics help food insecurity in the North?

Click on the link below to hear CTV News' coverage of a Hydroponics workshop that took place in Sault Ste. Marie on Friday, November 18th, 2022. You'll hear from RAIN's Horticultural Research Assistant, Lauren Moran, and Hydroponics Expert Adam Hayward as they discuss the viability of hydroponic growing…

Olivia Sun, The Colorado Sun via Report for America

How two brothers grow a whole farm in shipping containers on a Denver used car lot

The lettuce is blooming nicely on the rollaway walls. According to the farmer’s iPad, the calibrated nutrients are flowing smoothly and accurately through the tubes. It’s 30 degrees outside, but there’s a tantalizing garden of tangy, restaurant-ready produce inside this cozy, pristine shipping container.…

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