Transforming the enemy into a friend: benefiting from bacteria in vertical farming

Many vertical farms struggle with ensuring optimal food safety conditions. Bacteria in the growth media are regarded with great suspicion according to Dr. Leonard Lerer, Founder, and CEO of Back of the Yard Algae Sciences (BYAS). He explains that “…most say that good vertical farming is bacteria-free,…

OASIS Grower Solutions

OASIS Grower Solutions launches Horticubes AeroMax

Designing future-proof substrates for CEA

“I believe that Horticubes AeroMax will be one of the most relevant substrates in the industry,” says Dr. Vijay Rapaka, global research manager at OASIS Grower Solutions, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company. This substrate is engineered for precision growing of young plants for hydroponic farming of…

Photo 114968303 © Viacheslav Dubrovin |

Bayer/Temasek-backed Unfold to develop seeds and genetic tools for vertical farms

"Now, it’s time for the genetics and seeds to catch up"

“We’re focused on being a solutions provider in the vertical farming industry, and that starts with seeds,” says John Purcell, president and CEO of Unfold. Unfold is a California-based startup that is working to develop seeds and related digital services specifically for the vertical farming industry.…

Bowery Farming

says Katie Seawell, chief commercial officer at Bowery

"Indoor farming isn’t just a niche opportunity; there is a strong commercial opportunity"

“In 2020, we weren’t just expanding but also driving access to Bowery’s products,” says Katie Seawell, chief commercial officer at Bowery. Based in New York, Bowery mainly serves the eastern US. According to Katie, Bowery’s products are found in 850+ stores. In 2020, Bowery grew by over 750% and…

Tiny tomatoes in development for CEA growers

Urban agriculture offers many benefits for food production but often has higher costs relative to traditional farming and is limited to only a few crops. Robert Jinkerson, an assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering at UC Riverside, is working to change this by engineering the size…


Diversifying vertical farming produce

“When I approached the vertical farming space after my P.h.D., I was surprised by the fact that while the technology for CEA had reached a good level of maturity, the biological and agronomic aspects of plant growth in this systems have received limited attention,” says Rosario Lacono, Founder and CEO of…

Bowery Farming

Bowery takes on project in new R&D facility

On-site breeding program to develop seeds for indoor farms

Bowery recently opened Farm X, an R&D facility for plant science and research development. Located adjacent to Bowery’s first commercial farm in New Jersey, Farm X will continue to advance its R&D on new product offerings like strawberries, root vegetables, tomatoes,  cucumbers, and more. Through Farm X, Bowery…

Virus-free sweet potatoes growing in Bejing greenhouse

The ends of the green stems are connected with new leaves, and one seedling is next to each other in the experimental bottle. In the cultivation room of Xisen Sanhe Potato, "virus-free" potato seedlings are being bred and grown at a suitable temperature and humidity. Since 2018, Xisen Sanhe Potato has…

Photo 148080664 © Josefkubes |

Study on the effects of several parameters in an aquaponics system

In this paper, the application of the Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry-Response Surface Methodology (AdSV-RSM) in the simultaneous determination of copper ions in an…

Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden expects breeding will play an important role in the future of indoor farming

“In general, at Enza Zaden we see a difference between genetics for greenhouses and vertical farming, especially for high yielding required products,” says Anh Nguyen, Portfolio Manager at Enza Zaden. “It depends on the growing setting of the crops. We think that improved varieties, specifically for…

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