Singapore: Mega-farm and research center to open by Dec 2021

“We’re really happy to have launched in Munich and consumers really like our harvest-on-demand concept,” says Franz Drack, Chief Marketing Officer at &ever. "We just need to see how to increase the accessibility of our solutions. I’d love to see 200 vertical farms in Europe with this technology in the…

Vertical farming doesn’t have to be expensive if you combine the right skill sets

In order to get the best end product, two things are needed: the right growing environment, in combination with the right growing conditions. That’s why Dutch companies Botman Hydroponics and Green Simplicity have decided to join forces offering a complete, hybrid, solution: combining vertical…


Certhon wraps up 7th raspberry trial successfully

“Raspberry isn’t the first crop that comes to mind when figuring out which crops to grow indoors,” Andrea Huegler, R&D Engineer and Agronomist at Certhon said. “However, we accepted the challenge and decided to go for it as there are a lot of benefits to growing it in a controlled environment.” After…

Silverleaf LED

Mixing and matching to meet specific lighting needs

“We are developing a new product using our patented alumiLED™ technology that places individual aluminum LED circuit plates directly over the plants,” says Tom Martin, CEO and founder of Silverleaf Tech. Silverleaf Tech is a horticultural lighting designer and manufacturer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.…


Jungle aims to supply 2000 supermarkets in the EU by 2025

Expanding throughout France, with another two farms in the pipeline

“In France, associating technology to food production can be challenging since the country has a really strong agricultural culture. We figured that if we manage to succeed in France, then we can do it anywhere,” says Gilles Dreyfus, President & co-founder at Jungle. Jungle is a vertical farming company…

Orlandelli / C-LED

LED-integrated DC trolleys allow for crops to bloom in-store

“Our research and collaboration with C-LED has allowed us to share difficulties, collaborate on solutions and develop a good product,” says Marco Orlandelli, CEO of Orlandelli Organization. Orlandelli Organization offers a wide range of horticultural equipment including carts, displays, ebb & flow…

AmplifiedAg / Square Roots

Building a multi-tenant platform

“With massive demand in the US and globally, we’re able to sell indoor farms and our holistic operating system across the world,” says Don Taylor, CEO of AmplifiedAg. AmplifiedAg develops proprietary indoor farm electronics, hardware and software, and also upcycles decommissioned shipping containers into fully functional farms.…

Urban Crop Solutions

Insights from Tom Debusschere, CEO at Urban Crop Solutions at the CEA 4.0

When will vertical farming become profitable?

Today the CEA 4.0 conference was kicked off virtually. Many vertical farming companies or related parties are joining today’s event. Many topics were discussed around the strategic context of current, future programs and developments within CEA. Other topics discussed are financials, standardization,…

Innovation Agri Tech

“’Leafy greens’ is a phrase which breeds antipathy”

“I have an innate desire to make vertical farming as accessible as possible and for it not be seen as an also-ran,“ states Jaz Singh, CEO at Innovation Agri Tech (IAG). According to Jaz, Innovation Agri Tech is one of the largest indoor aeroponic farms operating in the UK. Innovation Agri Tech has over…

Agroz Group

Lots of potential for CEA-grown chilies

“We offer all kinds of CEA solutions to provide fresh vegetables to local communities," says Gerard Lim, CEO at Agroz Group. "Especially in Malaysia, some of our farmers in the highlands are exporting all A quality vegetables to neighboring countries. Therefore, here in the lowlands, we’re nearly…

Vertically Urban

Design considerations for greenhouses vs. indoor farms

“There are many lighting manufacturers in the vertical farming industry, but fewer players that offer customized turnkey solutions,” says Andrew Littler, chief executive officer of Vertically Urban. "Customizability is deep in the DNA of Vertically Urban." “We work with growers to provide a specific…


“We believe that the time has come to harness innovative technologies”

"The extreme African weather conditions make this market a perfect candidate for controlled environmental growth," says Francois Duvenage, R&D researcher at CAN Agri. “From wet tropical to extreme desert conditions, it especially means we can enable African countries to successfully grow their produce…

Agrify Corp.

“When you start growing upwards, there’s more to consider than verticality”

“Vertical farming technology has really focused on the utilization of the vertical space," says David Kessler, Chief Science Officer at Agrify. "To that end, the environmental management is left to the operator who needs to choose a system and integrate it cohesively; this is a major undertaking. Agrify…

City Crop

Russia: “Our farming solutions are cheap, easy to install, operate and scale”

“Ever since the beginning I’ve been trying to drive down costs,” says Aleksey Aminov, Founder and CEO of City Crop. According to Aleksey, there’s a permanent economic crisis and stagnation in Russia, therefore many people are not able to take their daily dose of vitamins.  City Crop, a vertical farming equipment…

Letsgrow.com celebrates 20th birthday

Twenty years of working with data in horticulture

2021 is a special year for LetsGrow.com. The company from Vlaardingen, specialized in collecting, visualizing, and analyzing crop data, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! The entire year 2021 will therefore be dedicated to this anniversary. Has LetsGrow.com really been working with data in…

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