An exciting new step for Hort Americas. Since 2009 the company, headquartered in Bedford, Texas, has been providing leading knowledge in commercial hydroponic production, vertical farming, greenhouse production, urban agriculture specifically on topics like engineered substrates, fertilizers and LED grow lights.Now they cross borders and expand their business with a Canadian branche. The new local team in Montreal will help Canadian growers out. "We're providing local support on horticultural lighting, growing systems and whatever growers might be dealing with. Either in French or in English", the team says. 

The team explains how the Quebec expansion and their physical presence in Canada is their effort to deliver the best personalized service for growers across the border. "Our Canadian team will offer the same value-added services and products while bringing to the table deep technical skills in horticulture lighting solutions", they say.

Supported by GE Current’s grow lights, designed and engineered in Montreal, Hort Americas Canada has the resources and knowledge to enhance production capacity in vertical farms and greenhouses. "Our team advises and supports growers with their projects through light plans, design optimization, energy savings evaluation and crop specific DLI and spectrum selection."

Hort Americas Canada also partners  with Grodan by distributing their stone wool growing media solutions. "We are pleased to work with a team who is dedicated to creating the optimal environment for roots resulting in healthy and strong plants. In fact, most recently, Grodan launched the new NG2.0 substrate technology optimizing yield growth while using less water, nutrients and space," says the team. 

"We're passionate about horticulture and strive to assist growers in their quest for hydroponic solutions enhancements and technology advancements. If that is in English, or if it is in French!"

For more information:
Hort Americas Canada
+1 438 521 3752