Seed meets Technology 2020 has been canceled. In early March, there were already 40 applications, and a large part of the program had already been planned, and it didn’t seem like anything would be able to stop week 39 from being a success. Unfortunately, the emergence of the coronavirus in early March has changed things.

Seed meets Technology offers a platform for companies that are active in the seed industry. In spite of the positive prospects in early March, the organization of Seed meets Technology regrets having had to make the decision to cancel the event. Continuing as planned would have resulted in the event becoming too sparse.

No demo fields
Organizing the event started out positively and also proceeded well. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus broke out in the Netherlands shortly afterward. We now also know that no events requiring a license are allowed to be held before 1 September, and it is yet unclear which regulations there will be after that date. The seed companies that normally organize open days have canceled their activities, and no demonstration fields with (new) varieties are being planted.

The organization sincerely regrets having had to cancel the event but is also looking forward to the 2021 event with good spirits. It will take place from 28 to 30 September 2021.

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