The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit is going virtual! "We’re delighted to announce that this year’s summit will be live online on July 23 from 10am-4pm EST, providing an opportunity for the industry to meet, network and exchange ideas at this critical time."
Garm operators, food retailers and investors from all around the world will present live, before hosting virtual discussion groups on the emerging trends and technologies that will shape your business as we emerge from the current crisis into a redesigned food system.

Key Themes

  • Finding growth in crisis: Responding to a rapidly changing food landscape
  • Scaling up: Co-locating food production and distribution centers
  • Enhancing nutritional value: Towards a perfect plant recipe
  • Optimizing seeds for indoor agriculture: Breeding a competitive advantage
  • Analytics and the cloud: Digital integration to optimize indoor agriculture
  • Robotics: Developing a contactless food system
  • Energy consumption: Driving efficiency and economic viability
  • Financing growth: Can capital keep pace with industry demand?
  • Consumer awareness: How to build a 'holistic' indoor brand

"We know that it’s the personal connections you make at a summit which deliver the most value to you and your business. At Indoor AgTech, you will have access to a full 1-1 meeting system so you can see exactly who else has signed up and schedule video 1-1s with potential partners and clients at a time that works for you."

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