Netled believes that vertical farming is the farming solution of the future. Environmental issues and climate change set various challenges on traditional farming methods. As a closed farming system, the vertical farm is protected from extreme weather conditions, pollution, and lack of freshwater resources. It enables the production of clean, safe, and sustainable products to all consumers around the globe.

With vertical farming, food’s journey from production facilities to tables is remarkably shorter, as the food can be produced and distributed within the local area. Global dependence can thus be reduced. Vertically farmed products are not only a solution to self-sufficiency, but the farming method also helps to increase the productivity and quality of leafy greens and vegetables. As the quality of products is improved, and the travel time and distance are minimized, the possibility of wastage due to poor quality is reduced to a minimum. 

Netled's Vera® Vertical Farming System represents an advanced vertical farming technology. Horticultural lighting design has given Netled lots of experience on in indoor farming technology and growing techniques, such as: climate control, automation, irrigation, lighting, growing media, plant varieties as well as specific recipes, which are produced in their own demo facility in Finland.

The company is not only a technology provider, but also offers help and guidance during the whole project. On topics such as, financing, business models, Return of Investment, and the entire supply chain. 

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