In one week GreenTech will open its doors to the virtual platform. The concept of the programme, on 20, 21 and 22 October, is ‘Follow the sun’ to reach out to the global horticulture industry. More than 100 front runners will share their solutions on the biggest challenges of all time: climate change and dealing with drought and flood, heat and cold, digitalization, big data, attracting talent, alternative energies and health.

What to expect
As a kick-off the winners of the GreenTech Innovation Awards will be announced at the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 20 October at 09:00 hrs CET, live aired from the RAI studio. All the entries and nominees will be showcased in the platform.

The virtual platform consists of 3 elements, with the goal to boost business:

  1. Virtual exhibition: Over 50 companies launch innovations and products, offer product demos on their livestreams and answer questions.
  2. Matchmaking: The artificial intelligence matchmaking tool recommends valuable contacts for visitors and exhibitors.
  3. Knowledge programme: Front runners and market leaders share knowledge on the latest trends and developments in horticulture.

The knowledge programme offers 3 stages: Main stage (with thought leaders), Xpert theatre (crop optimization sessions) and Café Talks (new emerging markets).

Topics on the Main stage are:

  • Providing safe food globally;
  • How to produce clean vegetables;
  • How future labour systems battle labour scarcity and are the driver to a more efficient and happier workforce;
  • Robotization and Digitalization in the autonomous horticulture of the future;
  • What is the impact of water scarcity or lack of quality water in the Horticulture and how to manage this in the most efficient way.

Some of the topics on the Xpert theatre are:

  • Autonomous growing: From challenge to practice;
  • Plant Empowerment;
  • How to increase effective usage of high pressure fogging with crop sensors;
  • How to improve your results in growing Medicinal Cannabis;
  • Spectral effects of (LED) lighting.

In the Café Talks new market opportunities like Geothermal, Vertical farming and Medicinal Cannabis will be discussed.

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