The Israeli company Seedo Corp announced today that its wholly owned Israeli subsidiary has filed a Provisional Patent Application with the US Patent Office entitled “Environment Regulation Incubator for Efficient Growth of Saffron or Other Plants”.

"The application is the first of several envisioned by the Company to document its scientific knowledge and improvements on an AI based system of efficient incubator systems for high volume growth of Saffron in particular, an herb worth more than gold by weight," they say. 

"We are now in the process of applying for patent protection of our proprietary knowledge which allows us to grow saffron and other plants inside an indoor bio-structure in ideal conditions all year long in any environmental condition and to harvest several crops per year."

Gil Feiler, Chairman of the Board stated “This patent helps differentiate us in a qualitive manner from other Agri-Tech companies. Saffron from our controlled automated grow conditions is of a consistently high quality, yet at a lower cost and higher yield than more traditional methods. We believe that this, our first patent, will now force the industry to take “vertical farming” as a fact of the present, and not the future.”

Seedo is known for its indoor solutions for cannabis growers, including fully automated indoor container-sized farms.