Hong Kong-based, vertical and urban farming innovator Green Tech Farm has confirmed that its new display and sales center will be based in Singapore, the Southeast Asian nation-state. The winning location was chosen from a shortlist of five major cities and countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Green Tech Farm, which manufactures and sells leading-edge hydroponics units with advanced lighting, heating, cooling and AI-controlled robotics and control systems, believes that the city-state's geographical location and commitment to sustainable development makes it a highly suitable choice.

The Singapore center will house several fully operational examples of the company's leading product, the "HydroPod", while also functioning as a support and learning hub for regional customers who want to extract the best from their own installations.  

The site will also showcase a fully operational "HydroFactory" - the company's bespoke, modular offering which can notionally be expanded to fill any large space - and give visitors the opportunity to see the system perform its many functions on a far larger scale than that available in the smaller, self-contained "HydroPods".

"We settled on Singapore for a number of reasons, one of which was its own reputation for driving environmental sustainability.  We felt that Singapore would be more inclined to embrace the principles behind what we are trying to achieve given their own efforts over the years," said the Green Tech Farm Chief Technology Officer.

Green Tech Farm says it envisions the center being operational by the third quarter of 2021. 

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