Danish-based companies Senmatic and LED iBond International has entered a strategic OEM-partnership for delivery of shelves with built-in grow light to advance the industrial vertical farming industry, a production method globally foreseen to gain currency among producers in the future. 

iBond's LEDs

"We have more than 40 years of experience with indoor plant production. The LED iBond’s super-slim and energy-efficient shelf-and-lighting panels are combined with our controllers and software. This is done to create a multifunctional vertical farming solution with best-in-class growth conditions for industrial indoor horticulture."

"This new partnership with LED iBond will further contribute to our growth in the vertical farming market, so we are very pleased indeed for this opportunity to join forces with LED iBond," says Mads Nychel, CEO at Senmatic. The joint vertical farming offering is planned to launch at the end of Q4 2020. 

Photo credit: iBond

Senmatic and LED iBond International have entered a strategic partnership for OEM delivery of shelves with built-in grow light to be included in Senmatic’s offering of industrial vertical farming solutions. In vertical farming, cubic meters are used by planting in layers rather than square meters, as traditionally done with row upon row of plants and crops. 

The new vertical farming shelves are based on LED iBond’s patented lighting fixture, which combines superior cooling characteristics and minimal space requirements with a high carrying capacity. The strategic partnership between Senmatic and LED iBond is based on Senmatic’s in-depth knowledge of LED grow lights and software solutions for industrial vertical farming and LED iBond’s unique LED technology platform.

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