Netherlands based James Croy has joined Autogrow to support the growth of their digital solutions, Folium and FarmRoad, in the region. With over 15 years’ experience in the agricultural sector, James is looking forward to introducing cutting edge technology to one of the largest exporting areas in the world.

“There’s a tangible shift in the mindset of growers here in Europe who understand the importance of capturing data and how it can be used for improving operations. It’s not just the younger generation but growers of all ages, crops and business sizes,” explains James.

James Croy

“The way crops are managed today is through visual inspection and judgement based on varying degrees of grower knowledge and experience. Data allows for more advanced analytics and understanding of what is driving physiological responses in the plant.”

New Zealand
“I left New Zealand in 2006 and was based in London for a time before moving to the Netherlands in 2009. 11 years and 3 children later, I am firmly embedded in the culture and the environment of the region and love being in such a historically significant and accessible location.”

“It’s ironic how I moved over 18,000 kilometres away from New Zealand and now find myself working for a New Zealand headquartered company again. It’s also great to be representing such great solutions and a business that invests in products that continuously develop in line with the evolving market.”

James will be the key contact for any customers based in Europe interested in FarmRoad and Folium.

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