NASA is seeking input for a possible space food challenge with a proposed opening in early 2021. The challenge objective is to identify and foster novel technologies, systems, and approaches for food production for long-duration space exploration missions.

The proposed competition will challenge the public to help NASA create a food system capable of providing astronauts with healthy, nutrient-filled food. The challenge will incentivize interested participants to develop food systems that can provide adequate nutrition to future long duration mission explorers. Teams will compete for up to $500 thousand from NASA in the first phase of the competition, the design phase, with a possible kitchen demonstration level phase to follow.

NASA welcomes all segments of industry, academia, and government, including associations, innovators, and enthusiasts to reply to the posted Request for Information by Dec. 31, 2020. Submitted information will be shared within NASA and with contractor personnel associated with the NASA Centennial Challenges Program. All responses are to be for general access by government reviewers.

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Deadline for Response: December 31, 2020