Dave Dinesen, CubicFarm's CEO says, "This is the third sale of our systems in as many weeks, totaling nearly $9 million, and underscores the increasing demand for localized food production."

CubicFarm announced a signed agreement and deposit with FutureLife Produce for the sale of 10 CubicFarm machines for $1.7 million. FutureLife is constructing CubicFarms' largest vertical farming system installation to date with a 100-machine project currently planned to operate in Surrey, B.C., and wishes to install an additional 10 machines at a strategic location in Richmond, B.C. in order to service the local food services market directly and seamlessly.

CubicFarms CEO Dave Dinesen commented, "CubicFarms' technology was selected by FutureLife because of its superior produce quality, and its ability to deploy its novel automated, controlled-environment growing technology at strategic onsite locations. The deployment of our technology will dramatically shorten supply chains, ensuring only the freshest produce is shipped to its customers. Not only will this help reduce the overall environmental footprint of shipped produce, we believe it will also help to eliminate the impact of lettuce recalls which has so challenged food services industry of late." 

"We are thrilled that FutureLife is moving forward with additional machines from CubicFarms in metropolitan Vancouver while our Surrey B.C. site is being prepared for its planned development. This will enable the local market in the food services sector to immediately begin consuming only the freshest locally grown produce," said FutureLife Founder & CEO Rose Yang. 

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