Steve Lindsley, President of Grōv Technologies says: "The key is to eliminate challenges, which gives predictable and optimized crops every time." 

Technology has helped mankind to ease many processes in any industry. Now, it has come down to growing cattle feed, vertically. A video by Fox 13 News Utah, shows the growing processes of the cattle feed. 

Steve Lindsley

This technology is making part of the process a lot easier by using Olympus Tower Farms, a form of robotic farming. The robotic tower farms work alongside leading dairy and beef innovators to give cows the best day, every day of their lives. "The machines represent each between 35-50 acres of land. In this case, it's 50 acres, 875 feet, using 95% less water," says Steve. "One of the biggest challenges that farmers have around the world is how they deal with the weather, climate and the along coming uncertainties." 

The process starts with seeds that are loaded onto trays. Then, the plants are wheeled up to the top of the tower to start a six-day journey, to the bottom of it for harvest.  

The feed ends up having more protein, sugar, starch and more digestibility compared to alfalfa hay. Therefore, it's more nutritious and reliable than pasture grass. Eventually, it replaces 20-60% of a total mixed ration and improves animal health. In the end, it feeds approximately 200 dairy cows. 

'As the whole supply chain has been disrupted during the pandemic, now farmers can rely on their own production of feed.' The model could be adopted beyond farms in the future. 

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