Martin Veenstra, Indoor Farming specialist at Certhon: “This way of growing strawberries is unique because all grow parameters can be precisely controlled during the entire growth cycle. From start to finish. This ensures optimum quality, yield, and fruit sizes, independent of the growing season. All grown without any pesticides and with a choice of both traditional as well as organic nutrients.”

The Certhon Innovation Centre consists of multiple indoor farms equipped with state of the art systems for LED lighting, climate control, CO2 dosing and irrigation systems which are all managed by Certhon's farm control system. In these farms, many crop trials are conducted for the indoor growing of a wide variety of plants, ranging from leafy greens to many vegetables and soft fruit. We would like to share exciting results of our trials with growing strawberries in our indoor farming system. 

Yields vary off course per strawberry variety, but at least a minimum of 26 up to 30 kg per m² per year with a consistent BRIX of 8 or higher is now available to every grower. Also fruit sizes are much more consistent compared to open field or even greenhouse growing.

"At Certhon, we focus on the consistent and uniform top quality of the produce with an improved shelf life. In addition to optimizing the yield, we also put a strong emphasis on minimizing the power consumption for lighting and climate control. Also reducing water consumption is a strong focus point."

Martin: “We are continuously improving our trials and see even more potential in the very near future. Besides strawberries, we are also testing with tomatoes, lettuce, and raspberries.” 

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