Ultimation Industries LLC created a new infographic named “How to optimize vertical farming", which highlights the benefits of vertical farming and ways to maximize the production of an indoor farming system. Ultimation has designed, manufactured and installed conveyor systems for over 30 years in the industry.   

“Conveyors are essential to vertical farming because they can make use of all the available vertical space of a facility and can move plants through automated systems as they grow,” said Richard Canny, president, Ultimation Industries LLC. “How to optimize vertical farming is the challenge that the industry faces as it scales up.”  

Several ways to optimize vertical farming systems 

Vertical farms can potentially achieve higher yields for the surface area dedicated to production by applying all parameters needed. As sustainable agricultural operations such as vertical and indoor farms become more prevalent, conveyor technology systems can be part of the solution. Click here to see the complete graphic. 

In addition to creating customized products for assembly operations, Ultimation offers food safe grade systems and material handling solutions for the vertical farming industry. The company has recently expanded into smaller, ‘quick ship’ products and systems.  

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