SmartParc announced that it has submitted plans for its 155-acre high-tech food production campus in former Celanese near Spondon. The planned installation of 1.8 m2 will supply production facilities, start-up incubation equipment and a prospective location for a center of excellence in food production technology.

It is that the program will create 5,000 jobs. Spondon’s flagship site is a component of SmartParc’s ambition to provide a “new sustainable model” for the industry. This will come with vertical agriculture and smart generation for energy production and efficiency. 

Jackie Wild, CEO of SmartParc, said: “We are excited to take another step forward in our plans to position Derby at the UK’s long-term center in sustainable and effective food manufacturing. We work strongly with local citizens and stakeholders to ensure that their prospects are incorporated into our regeneration plans and explore partnerships between SMEs and universities to bring our next-generation sustainable food ecosystem to life. We are proud to join with D2N2 and City Hall to revitalize the area. 

Strategies for food waste, food miles and carbon production will also be implemented to strengthen UK food security and the competitiveness of the UK PLC on the global stage. 

Scott Knowles, managing director of East Midlands Chamber, added: “SmartParc will have a transformative effect on Derby’s economy, creating employment and investment opportunities for the city. SmartParc will position Derby on the map as a nationally important food and beverage production center. 

John Forkin, CEO of Derby Marketing, said: “Smart Park is an exciting and cutting-edge concept that will not only create thousands of jobs but will also help diversify our economy. Marketing Derby has been working with your team for some time and we are very happy to see the plans presented so quickly. This is starting to be real, which is wonderful news. “

Subject to the final touch of the city council’s building permit, the company’s goal is to begin remodeling the Celanese site in the spring of 2021 with an initial opening and occupation until the end of the year.

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