Danish based growing company Grow Up FARM is launching a new product, named Eat-Grow-Repeat: small pea plants that grow in hemp in a bag. Refrigerated and bagged, the pea sprouts keep fresh for a week. "Rip off the upper section of the bag, and the bottom of the bag is now the pot," they explain. "Place the bottom of the bag with pea plants on your windowsill and provide it with light, water, and a little love. The growth will continue, and after a few days you can cut completely fresh pea sprouts for your salad bowl."

"Usually, bean sprouts are packed in a tray and then flow wrapped, so the consumer would have to repack any sprouts that may be left over. But now this is history," they explain. 

The corner stone of the Greenow family business was laid back in 1966, when the first generation pioneered the professional cultivation of bean sprouts. It turned into a success and still is - who does not regularly add the crisp and healthy bean sprouts to the shopping cart? Sales of organic bean sprouts are growing steadily, and this has led Greenow to seek a more efficient packaging solution. 

Fresh produce
Initially, the Schur®Star Packaging Machine they use for this new packaging was only planned for packing bean sprouts, fully automatically, into reseable bags. "Often, one does not eat all the sprouts at once; but with this bag, the sprouts do not dry out in the refrigerator and will retain their crispness for up to eight days. In this way, consumers can make their own contribution to reducing problematic food waste, which is today an issue in both the retail outlet and the home," they say. 

Capacity for new project
With its large capacity, the Schur®Star Packaging Machine has given Greenow & Grow Up  FARM the opportunity to realize the Eat-Grow-Repeat project. The pea plants are initially grown in an entirely new, vertical greenhouse – on five floors, in a 100% controlled climate, with recirculated water, under artificial light and completely without soil. And to match the 100% compostable contents, the bag is produced from PE, a single-layer material that does not require separation to be processed in a recycling system.

Convenient packing
”Bean sprouts are our core product, for which we chose the Schur®Star Concept,” says Lasse Vilmar, CEO and third generation in the company. ”But because of the versatility of the packaging machine and its high capacity, we decided to speed up the new Eat-Grow-Repeat project. When starting up a new project, flexibility is of the utmost importance, as you must be able to quickly adapt to market reactions”. 

Lasse Vilmar continues: ”Now we can change from a fully automatic to a manual packing process in a few minutes – e.g. if we want to pack meal salads with different elements. Also in terms of bag constructions we are not at all limited to the two bag types that we started up with. We are excited about the new flexibility and the many options, and we feel convinced that the market will welcome our novelties: Healthy and tasty produce in convenient packaging.”

With its rectangular fill opening along the entire width of the bag, the Schur®Star Packaging Machine is ideal for filling with light and unevenly shaped products, such as a portion of bean sprouts or small pea plants. With more than 500 companies around the world, the concept packs all types of products – including a broad range of fresh produce, into a comprehensive range of bag constructions.

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