The Middle East is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth and demand for sustainable food solutions. It's also critical that the region addresses issues around food imports, climate change, nutrition, and lack of arable land. 

"I'm therefore pleased to announce Vertical Future's strategic partnership with GreenBridge," says Jamie Burrows, Founder and CEO of Vertical Future. Greenbridge is an agricultural company based across the region that has more than 20 years of experience. Greenbridge's mission is to combine and use its local human capital and know-how with the latest and most innovative technologies from around the world. By supporting food security and boosting local and regional economies. 

Together, they plan to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, improving food security and population health. The partnership will see Vertical Future bring novel technologies, market networks, plant science expertise, marketing knowledge, data, research and development and operational experience to suitable customers.  
GreenBridge, who are known for their technical expertise and constant support for farmers across the Middle East, will play a vital role in the rollout of Vertical Future’s systems; supporting with local relationships, sourcing, logistics, and linguistics. Once vertical farms are in operation, GreenBridge will also offer ongoing services including the supply of seed, maintenance services, and on-site support.

"We're looking forward to working with Hassan Doughan, Omar Doughan and the rest of the Greenbridge team to deliver on major strategic projects across the region," Jamie adds. 

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