Hydroponic techniques for the cultivation of lettuce is becoming more and more important all over the world. As probably read in articles many people have become more cautious about food security. Therefore, Flier Systems has come up with an explanation video on its automated lines. 

The following movie explains which automation and mechanization solutions Flier Systems offers for NFT (Nutrient Film Technology) and DFT (Deep Flow Technique). 

Flier Systems has been specializing in mechanization and automation of business processes for seed breeding businesses, plant nurseries and production companies for vegetable growing and horticulture since 1931. "We are continuously on the lookout for smarter modular customized solutions and better results for our clients." 

NFT is a hydroponic technique where the root tips are provided with a continuous flow of water containing all the dissolved nutrients. The plants are placed in so-called channels. With DFT the plants remain in a container and their roots are constantly submerged in the nutrition solution.

In the video below, several techniques are highlighted. 

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