Contain Inc announced the launch of their latest project, the used equipment trading platform, Equipped. Equipped is the first marketplace of its kind for buying and selling used indoor farming equipment. "No more late-night parking lot meetings or promises of funds that never transfer. Equipped is how trading used indoor farm equipment should be, low drama." 

“At Contain, we focus on helping the indoor agriculture industry thrive, and providing a platform where anyone can trade brand name indoor farm equipment is the next step in that journey,” comments Nicola Kerslake, founder of Contain, Inc. 

The platform launches with more than $3 million of equipment, making it the most comprehensive place to find pre-owned indoor farm equipment. Equipped also lowers the barrier of entry for new growers to access top-of-the-line products and systems from industry professionals at a fraction of the cost. The platform encourages upcycling, effectively reducing waste and excess in the indoor farming industry.

Equipped invites new and existing farmers of every level and scale to anonymously buy and sell real equipment from real people. Easily navigate through thousands of listings to find the perfect equipment for your farm. Container farms, growing systems, lighting, propagation equipment and plenty more at the tip of your fingers. Equipped allows you to spend less time negotiating and more time farming.

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Nicola Kerslake, Founder
Contain Inc.