The LDE center for sustainability is happy to announce a bit more about one of the master thesis labs that they are working to realize for the next academic year.

The world’s population is growing and urbanizing. Feeding the growing cities can become increasingly difficult due to production and logistical reasons. The concept of growing food within or nearby cities seems like a solution to overcome these issues. The most technically advantageous way of thinking is Vertical Farming: indoor farming on multiple layers in a fully closed environment, under artificial conditions. The vertical farming industry underwent rapid growth over the last 10 years and is attracting a lot of capital both financial and human. This leads to the question of whether Vertical Farming is really feasible in a technical and economical way, under which conditions, and what are the challenges that the development of this new technological advancement could face. Could Vertical Farming be a sustainable solution for the growing food supply?

The Vertical Farming Lab will give you the opportunity to work with leading companies from the Dutch horticulture united in the World Horti Center - Vertical Farming Pavilion.

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