Re-Nuble has announced a new strategic partnership with water innovator Ketos today, providing soilless farms across the United States with an on-site food waste recovery solution. By combining the technology of Re-Nuble’s on-site food waste recovery system with the Ketos Shield, soilless farms will not only be able to produce their own free supplementary and sterile biostimulants and potable water for reuse, but they will also gain access to industry-standard lab data on the quality of their treated water. 

Re-Nuble’s on-site food waste recovery system helps soilless farms optimize their operations while reducing costs. Through its Organic Cycling Science™ approach, farms can finally use a fully integrated, closed loop, and self-sustaining nutrient system, capable of reducing input and disposal costs, while delivering biostimulants capable of improving crop yield and nutritional value. However, as water droughts and erratic weather patterns become more frequent, the need for resource efficiency using circular economy strategies, particularly water reuse, is becoming increasingly necessary. 

Fully circular food production
“We’re here to help our clients be proactive about water reuse in order to create fully circular food production and hedge their risks. For that reason, we saw an immense value add for our clients by partnering with Ketos," commented Tinia Pina, Founder, and CEO of Re-Nuble. 

The Ketos Shield is part of a fully integrated solution offering valuable water insights including automated reporting, real-time alerts, EPA-compliant or custom threshold-based diagnostics, custom reports, historical trends, and more. These insights are used for water quality, safety assurance testing, protecting liability, understanding process optimization, improving crop yields and water data for farming, and protecting consumer health. 

“We are pleased to partner with Re-Nuble, as water quality and conservation is critical for agricultural applications – particularly in instances where nutrient management, water availability, water quality and consistency, or product safety is essential,” said Meena Sankaran, Founder and CEO of Ketos. “For many farmers, poor nutrient management, a lack of water, low water quality, inconsistent or varied water sources, and safety concerns can have a significant impact on both revenue and profitability.”

Re-Nuble noticed this was a salient challenge for all farms but more prevalent amongst the growing indoor, controlled environment agriculture market due to the frequent wastewater discharges not reclaimed. However, the solution is also of interest to soil-based farms as more municipalities seek to limit nutrient runoff and water contamination, impacting underground water tables.

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