After obtaining the OK Compost Certificate in 2017, Maan Biobased Products has taken another step. The Growcoon has been awarded the OK Biodegradable Soil certification. "The biodegradable grow and seed plug Growcoon can now officially demonstrate that it is biodegradable in the soil without harming the environment," the team says.

The testing for the OK Biodegradable Soil certificate has been carried out by an independent certified laboratory. "The laboratory has shown that the Growcoon is biologically converted into CO2 and H2O and that no toxic substances are subsequently left behind in the soil." 

"By using the Growcoon, crops can be delivered faster, growth is more uniform, the production process can be automated and the loss percentage is reduced," they continue. 

Obtaining the OK Biodegradable Soil certificate is fully in line with Maan Biobased Products' corporate mission: the production of smart biodegradable products for the agriculture industry. "With the energy-neutral production through solar panels we're working on reducing the ecological footprint." 

The Growcoon already obtained the OK Compost Certificate in 2017 (guarantee that the Growcoon is biodegradable in an industrial composting installation) and is on a list of permitted products for Dutch organic horticulture. The cutting and seed plug is exclusively available at Klasmann-Deilmann, the international partner of the Growcoon.

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