Rail consoles are an important part of today's air mechanics systems. They are the guides for the push/pull tubes. The increased demand for the clamp version of the rail console from Van der Valk Horti Systems presented the company with the challenge of easily producing larger and cheaper volumes, but with an even better quality, and they succeeded.

The narrower design of the clamp allows more sunlight to reach the crop. This is, of course, beneficial for the yield. The convexity of the console provides extra strength and better sealing of the screen profile so that less heat and light is lost. There are also grooves on the underside for extra grip on the truss, and there is a groove on the top for the pre-mounted drive tube. This makes the console easier to mount.

The new console is made of steel. Previously, it was made of aluminum. The advantages of steel are mainly in its strength and price.

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