Affinor Growers is pleased to announce that it has ordered one hundred of its patented vertical growing towers for the production of strawberries and cannabis pending Health Canada licensing.

Affinor’s automated, vertical farming technology is expected to yield 3-4 kg per tower, per harvest of dried cannabis every 3 months. The planned cannabis facility will have a total of 40 growing towers in 200 square meters of allowable micro cultivation. The balance of 60 towers will be used to grow premium strawberries for local markets.

The Abbotsford showcase greenhouse utilizes Affinor’s soil formulation, QA protocols, and processes designed to ensure quality, reduce pathogens, and address the microbial issues that the cannabis industry faces globally. Affinor has installed Tesla Powerwalls and Solar Panels, with plans to install closed-loop composting equipment. Affinor is also filing new patents for drying and curing vessels, with encompassed process patents. This will ensure stable conditions throughout the process of drying and curing. The company has plans to grow across Canada and works toward full ESG compliance globally. Affinor’s vertical farming technology levels the playing field for plant production globally.

Nick Brusatore CEO: “Revenue from this first facility should begin this year. This will showcase to the world, the Affinor Growers technological advantage in sustainable and automated design.”

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