The company 80 Acres Farms in Hamilton, 20 miles north of Cincinnati, is one of just a handful of “vertical farms” in the world. Farm Manager Noah Zelkind was working on Wall Street before making the switch to 80 Acres, which houses 20 different growing rooms.

“We have 10 levels stacked on top of each other, 10 rows long, and 10 tables inside of each row,” said Zelkind. 

The company is able to control and change the environment of each of the rooms where produce is growing. It’s a technology that’s years in the making. 

“We went through and tried to study nature and replicate everything that’s important about it and really make sure we’re giving the plant exactly what it needs but in the most efficient way possible.”

It's a method Zelkind said gives the company ultimate control.

"This really is the next generation of farming," he said. "We have a completely different level over the control of the entire process of growing than anything anyone has done before.”

“You're going to get the same healthy fresh lettuce whether you're in the middle of winter and it's snowing outside or you’re in the middle of the summer.”

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