Seedo Corp. was featured in a television segment on Iran International. The story spanned many topics including the low yields of saffron grown by traditional farming and how Seedo Corp’s technology can help countries like Iran triple their annual production. It was also reported that an entire farm can produce only 5lbs of saffron annually, which is why the spice deemed “red gold” is the most expensive spice in the world.

“Seedo Corp is focused on providing the innovation needed to grow the saffron industry,” says David Freidenberg, CEO of Seedo Corp. “We are excited to see there is global interest in our technology that can benefit local and national economies. The industry needs a solution that can alleviate the arduous farming process that currently hinders the market from expanding. Seedo’s R&D moves closer than ever at finalizing the vertical farming protocols that can boost the billion-dollar saffron industry.”

“This is an exciting time for Seedo Corp as we assess the results of our first iteration of saffron produced using the most advanced technology and data science gathered from leaders in the field of saffron growing and agriculture,” says Dr. Gil Feiler, Seedo Corp’s Chairman. “As we look towards the next phase of our development and the potential commercialization of our saffron, we hope there is a future collaboration with the Iranian people.”

Iran International invited a saffron connoisseur to try Seedo’s saffron for quality assurance. The expert reported that Seedo’s saffron tasted “exactly” like the saffron produced by Iranian farms.

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