Affinor Growers announces Bo Slack has joined the Affinor advisory board to assist with growth plans for local, year-round, strawberry production across Canada, the USA and internationally.

Mr. Bo Slack is an accredited produce leader with over 30 years of progressive experience in all facets of Innovative Agricultural Operations, Marketing, Food Safety, and Sustainability. He has led high-level teams in the Pacific Northwest representing the largest group of Independent Berry Growers in all facets of production and operations. It’s been his honor to supply some of the finest Conventional and Organic produce grown in the Northwest to wholesale and retail channels. Innovative substrate farming is the key to the future of farming, embracing new concepts to improve yield to acreage ratio while managing the land to its highest potential. Appointed by the USDA to the United States Highbush Blueberry Council, he serves as Chairman of the Industry Relations Committee.

Affinor CEO Nick Brusatore comments: “As we begin strawberry production in our 15,000 square foot, Abbotsford BC greenhouse in the next 90 days, we are bringing on experienced executives and experts to ensure that we execute the 5-year business plan available on our website, I am excited about working with an industry leader like Bo, to develop strategic relationships and deliver high quality produce to Canadian and US markets throughout the year.”

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