FarmBox Foods, based in Sedalia, has spent the last four years developing automated farms in shipping containers to grow gourmet mushrooms, organic leafy greens, and culinary herbs. The company is focused on helping feed those living in food deserts while empowering local communities and providing jobs and educational opportunities.

The repurposed shipping containers that house these systems can be placed virtually anywhere in the world — from island nations and urban areas to college campuses and the far reaches of Alaska — and produce food year-round. The Gourmet Mushroom Farms alone yield an average of 400 pounds of mushrooms per week.

“The real mission in this whole thing is to be able to feed the world in places that ordinarily wouldn't be able to grow food,” said Rusty Walker, CEO of FarmBox Foods.

FarmBox Foods’ short-term goals include partnering with institutions that help provide the biggest possible impact for the most people, including food banks, schools, and prisons. If the company has anything to say about it, food insecurity and food inequality will be a thing of the past in a few years.

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