At the Vivatech Fair 2021 held mid-June in Paris, the company Les Crudettes was present with its partner CleanGreens, in order to present its Cap Vert project.

“It is an aeroponics production system, which consists of spraying a nutritive solution on the roots of our salads and aromatic herbs. It is a project which we finance ourselves and in which we have been involved since 2013, when the company was bought by the LSDH group. It is the result of 8 years of research and a lot of work by our R&D department and team of agronomists. We plan to open an aeroponics greenhouse of 7,000 m² in Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel in 2022,” explains Thierry Julien, head of purchasing and plant production at Les Crudettes.

The project caught the interest of many visitors. “Emmanuel Macron and Bruno Lemaire even stopped by our booth to taste our products that perfectly meet the current societal expectations. Consumers are indeed looking for local, pesticide-free and socially responsible products. Aeroponics is able to meet these expectations." 

The company will start selling its products after the summer to some of its clients. It is now focused on plants with a rapid cycle such as salads and aromatic herbs, but it is also looking into expanding its production with other plant species.

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