Vertical farming has proven to be extremely beneficial in this regard, particularly in an agrarian economy like Canada.

Steve Maxwell of Maxwell Capital shares his thoughts on vertical farming stating, “There’s a need for innovative farming techniques in Canada. We rely on our exports and crop production and therefore need to work on ways to improve the yield, reduce waste, and improve margins for our farmers. Vertical farming can make these goals achievable, provided adequate guidance and infrastructure is provided.”

Steve Maxwell from Vancouver, BC, and founder of Maxwell Capital, believes that vertical farming can transform the Canadian economy. With nearly 2 decades of experience in project management, acquisitions, and industrial mergers, Steve has the experience and qualifications to identify great business models and ideas.

Through the integration of exceptional agritech business models with Maxwell Capital’s green investment strategy, IP packages are cultivated to facilitate the needs of entrepreneurs.

While Canada is among one of the largest countries in the world based on landmass, its population is relatively small. While having plenty of land is seen as a good thing from an agricultural perspective, only 7% of Canada’s land is cultivable. There’s a shortage of land to meet the growing demand worldwide, and vertical farming can help bridge that gap. 

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