Foodiverse, a multinational company in the production of fresh, healthy food, will be attending one of the main trade fairs in the agri-food sector worldwide, Fruit Attraction, to showcase its range of healthy products and reaffirm its commitment towards sustainability in both its offering and productive processes.

From October 5th to 7th, fair visitors will be able to enjoy at IFEMA’s Hall 7 Stand D-04 (Madrid). This virtual reality experience recreates the process in which seed is transformed into a fresh, healthy, ready-to-eat product. Through this initiative, Foodiverse aims to portray its innovative spirit, as innovation is one of the company’s core values. Participants will be able to take a virtual tour of the company’s main facilities: starting at its seedbed, followed by the Centre for Agronomic Innovation (CIAM) and the Farmintak – a vertical hydroponic farming silo -, as well as its open field farmlands, and finishing off at its fresh-cut production plants. In these scenarios, VR users will be able to interact, for example, by planting or harvesting vegetables.

A themed area will be set up where visitors can find out about work processes, innovative farming methods, techniques to reduce water consumption, facilities with cutting-edge technology, and tools to guarantee the quality, safety, and traceability of every product.

Sustainable growth supported by a strong sales activity
Through its presence at the Fruit Attraction trade fair, Foodiverse confirms its strong commercial bet, which is underpinned by two main premises: innovation and the company’s commitment to the environment. This value proposition has been Foodiverse’s main driver of the solid growth achieved during the 2016-2020 period – +30% growth rate in absolute terms and a +6.7% CAGR -, achieving market presence in 22 countries and a network of over 200 clients.

The group’s growing product range directly reflects its cross-cutting commitment towards sustainability. Foodiverse will boost its presence at the trade fair to showcase new packaging developments that contribute to the reduction of plastic in both its agricultural and fresh-cut segments, such as POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic) containers made from recycled plastic that has been recovered from the ocean, Kraft sleeves, 100% recycled PET bowls, trays, and blisters, bamboo forks, and “bio salad roll” bags that combine Kraft and PLA, thus providing a 100% bio-based, compostable, and biodegradable packaging option for vegetables and salads.  These developments are the result of the group’s firm commitment to innovation, the avant-garde, and sustainability in all its new product launches. 

Positive impacts
Each year, Foodiverse invests around €1M in R&D, allowing the company to bring these ideas to life and make a positive impact on its surroundings. So much so that, in 2020, Foodiverse was able to reduce the amount of plastic used in its ready-to-eat salads by 42% through the improvements made in salad forks, which also led to minimizing breakage and enhancing the consumer experience. Polystyrene trays and plastic sleeves have been replaced by more environmentally respectful options, such as Kraft sleeves, saving around 450 kg of polystyrene each year.

The virtual reality experience will allow Fruit Attraction visitors to get to know the company first-hand and understand how Foodiverse’s values – sustainability, innovation, avant-garde, freshness, and maximum quality – permeate its entire production process from the very sprouting of the seeds until consumers access the final product. 

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