Boulderlamp, Inc. (BLI) is introducing a new unique horticultural and antimicrobial LED combo light for indoor and greenhouse cultivations. PerfectPar™ DuoLight 4000 is a patent-pending dual-function light designed to increase crop production with less energy and to provide preventative control of mold and pests. The company will be highlighting this product at MJBizCon 2021 October 19 – 22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We believe we are the first to introduce a dual function light in the horticulture industry,” said Boulderlamp’s Chief Executive Officer, Fazle Quazi. “This new light delivers a periodically moving intense light beam for increasing crop yield and preventative control of mold and pests.”

DuoLight 4000 balances and distributes energy intelligently for vigorous and healthy plant growth with higher efficacy. Light is usually more intense under the inner bars of a grow light array than outer bars. In DuoLight 4000 light under inner bars is reduced to provide uniform lighting. Energy saved from reduced light creates the periodically moving light beam.

During the daily grow cycle, the moving light beam travels within the LED light array providing intense light on top and below the canopy where most LED grow lights never reach. The antimicrobial light in the moving beam acts as a prevention tool against mold and pests in all phases of a grow, from start to finish.

The intensity of the moving light beam, its duration, sequence, period, and location are controlled by a programmable light controller. Cultivators can easily customize a light recipe such as light level and spectrum using this easy-to-use controller.

PerfectPar™ DuoLight 4000 will be available in quantities in the first quarter of 2022.

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