“We can definitely say that vertical farming will grow and so the number of available jobs will grow as well, as companies are in need of specialized experts for indoor agricultural and modern growing technologies,” according to Petr Kirpeit, founder of IndoorFarming-Jobs.eu.

IndoorFarming-Jobs.eu is a job listing website focusing on job opportunities in the vertical farming industry. IndoorFarming-Jobs.eu provides companies with access to potential candidates specialized in hydroponics, indoor cultivation, and vertical farming. Furthermore, IndoorFarming-Jobs.eu created IndoorFarming CareerPath for job seekers, through which candidates can select the business where they would like to work, look for employment opportunities at the selected companies, and take online courses to improve their skillsets for such positions.

“We collaborate with the Association for Vertical Farming for high-quality courses and enlist MOOC courses from several online portals. Also, we collaborate with the Academy for Distance Learning from the United Kingdom, which has highly specialized courses with up to 100 hours of learning materials,” says Petr.

Petr Kirpeit, founder

Bringing candidates and employers together
Through the IndoorFarming-Jobs website, candidates can create a profile for free and begin their job search within minutes. The candidate dashboard allows the user to manage their resumes, view the positions to which they have applied, register for job alerts, etc.

Similarly, registered employers have a dashboard through which they can track their active postings, applicants, resumes, etc. Employers can create job postings for free, view applicants, and also pay to directly contact candidates.

Petr adds, “We have more than 30 employers registered on the website. Not all of them currently need candidates, but many of them have an active job listing. We want to help businesses get the right people to work in their companies. We also promote job listings on our social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.”

CareerPath providing experiencing a spike in interest
As previously mentioned, IndoorFarming-Jobs.eu developed IndoorFarming CareerPath to help users receive the best in online training pertaining to hydroponics and indoor agriculture. CareerPath is available to both candidates and non-registered users, allowing them to select their ideal employer and build their skills to meet employers’ requirements. From the CareerPath landing page, users select one of ten disciplines which then brings them to a page listing all of the courses relevant to that discipline. Options include individual courses, diplomas, and certificates.

Over the past year, the website promoted CareerPath across its social media platforms which, combined with the pandemic-induced spike in interest towards local food systems, resulted in a major increase in traffic on CareerPath.

“CareerPath had a very high increase of interest from users in 2021. In tracking clicks on the courses offered, we have seen an increase of interest of 500% compared to the same timeframe in 2020,” says Petr.

With many industry members citing concerns over getting trained individuals into vertical farms, the combination of its job board with CareerPath has put IndoorFarming-Jobs.eu in the perfect position to bridge the gap and help vertical farms and qualified candidates find each other. 

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