ALPS, AUDACIOUS's subsidiary, and Priva have joined forces. The partnership will focus on the joint marketing of ALPS' advanced compliance and maintenance service solution, APIS, across the global horticulture industry.

Compliance and risk reduction are increasingly becoming standard requirements for the horticultural industry. Increasingly, expectations and demands regarding the security of supply, while achieving optimal quality and efficiency, are getting stricter.

"We believe that both our companies are well positioned to take the lead in enhancing solutions and operational protocols in the field of food security, food safety, and compliance. Technology and innovation are key to driving future success in the emerging field of Industrial Greenhouse Management," the ALPS team explains.

Thomas Larssen, President of ALPS, commented: "Partnering with Priva will be transformational for our business as it significantly expands our market reach. Rather than adapt and use existing systems from varying industries and suppliers with no roots in our sector, we opted to build our APIS solution ourselves from the ground up. APIS meets the needs of today, while ensuring operations are future proof."  

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