CubicFarm Systems announces that three HydroGreen Grow System DGS 66 modules have been purchased by Rod Magnuson for his U.S.-based beef cattle herds in Castle Dale, Utah.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Rod Magnuson, the owner and operator of Magnuson Cattle Company, with a herd of 800 cows and 1,200 calves, as our newest HydroGreen Farmer Partner,” said Dan Schmidt, President, HydroGreen. “We owe thanks to his neighbor, our Farmer Partner Mike Rigby, for advocating for the HydroGreen technology. Mike continues to host ranchers from all over the state, sharing the benefits he’s experienced with HydroGreen in a short time. Mike is installing an additional HydroGreen system, shifting from saving the farm to expanding his herd.”

“Rod is looking forward to seeing this technology in action on his ranch and how it will combat drought cycles by providing an independent and reliable feed source all year. He knows nutrition is very important for producing high-quality grass-fed organic beef and improving animal performance. At HydroGreen, we believe our automated livestock fresh feed systems will help keep ranches running and growing for future generations.”

This sale of three HydroGreen Grow Systems represents equipment sales valued at approximately CAD$450,000. The HydroGreen Grow System is modular and scalable, with the option to add on additional modules for future expansion.

“We’re seeing a positive halo effect as ranchers growing with HydroGreen technology share this solution with their neighbors,” said Dave Dinesen, CEO, CubicFarms. “Rod Magnuson is getting started with three HydroGreen systems for his herd. This automated livestock feed technology—and the results from using it—have people talking in the community. Word gets around. It’s giving hope to farmers and ranchers who desperately need consistent and nutritious fresh feed supply.”

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