Could your operation benefit from a product that makes your fertilizer go further, your crops or turf stronger, increases yield, and lengthens the shelf-life on packaged produce? If so, Agtonik has a formula for microgreens, perishable herbs, and other specialty crops you might be interested in.

"AGT-50 is a concentrated formula that extends the reach of your nutrients by making them more bioavailable. Over time, growers will notice fewer nutrients are needed with the addition of AGT-50 because they are more easily transported and utilized by plant cells. Reducing grower input costs and boosting yields translates into increased profits overall," the company team explains.

"There are various benefits to this formula, such as a maximized plant growth and yield by promoting optimal uptake of nutrients which leads to exceptional shelf life and overall product quality, prevention of salinity and pH stress through chelation which allows plant cells to absorb the optimum nutrient requirements, an increased optimal root development which results in healthier crops and increased nutrient uptake, stimulation of photosynthesis for high yields, earlier harvests, and improved health of crops, and an increased storage ability by improving the longevity of harvested product through higher brix, mineral, and nutrition content. 

The growth and yield effects of AGT-50 are a result of its complex of natural phytochemicals. Its molecular structure improves nutrient availability to plants and maintains wider nutrient availability regardless of pH.  

The organic acids, trace minerals, and elements in AGT-50 make it a bioavailable organic nutrient product that naturally contains plant-derived calcium, magnesium, 16 types of iron, and chelated micronutrients. "AGT-50 is a clean addition to your nutrient program whether you are a USDA Organic farmer or use synthetic fertilizers," the team concludes.

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