2021 has been a year of growth for Netled. The company welcomed 15 new employees since the start of the year and their headcount is now 26 employees in total.

Netled has recruited professionals in different fields, including engineering, technology, finance, documentation, and communications; 54 % of the employees are women, and in addition to Finnish team members, it has employees from the US and the UK as well.

Netled is also growing its international presence by expanding its partner network especially in North America, where it currently has five representatives.

Netled’s team, technology, and global reach will continue to grow and develop as the company becomes the global go-to partner for vertical farming technology. In the summer of 2021, Netled signed the largest turn-key technology deal specifically between technology provider and farm operator in the indoor agriculture market. Since then Netled’s order book has grown over ten-fold, and it expects more than 700% increase in turnover for the new financial year.

“As the COVID pandemic continues and new variants evolve, food security will become more and more important. Climate change and its inherent challenges will force growers to rethink their long-term strategies. Vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture solutions will become a permanent feature in the broader agriculture market. We already see this in the numbers for the end of 2021 and projections for 2022.” says CEO at Netled, Niko Kivioja.

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