GrowArt: The market space for planting towers needs to be improved

For cities, lack of agricultural land, indoor farming and vertical farming are one of the major solutions to the food supply in the future. Recently, HortidailyChina interviewed manager Li of GrowArt. The company focuses on the production and export of environment-friendly cultivation facilities, products in Canada, Singapore, the United States, South Korea, Chile, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia and other places.

According to Li, "We have rich experience in cultivation management and a team of experts, which can create a perfect growth environment for plants in different climates. We provide three-dimensional farm aquaponics, home garden, planting tower (Towergarden), double helix NFT hydroponics, zipper cultivation, vegetable tunnel, three-dimensional strawberry cultivation and other facilities. The business involves modern agricultural demonstration gardens, professional vegetable production farms, organic farms, ecological restaurants, shopping malls, and western restaurants.”

We have operations both domestically and abroad. In China, it is mainly the design and contracting of science and technology demonstration parks. Facility products are mainly exported overseas, and Towergarden is one of our popular products. The growth of Towergarden in the domestic market is limited, mainly because domestic consumers prefer convenient and fast products, and consumers are more willing to buy products that can be used directly from the get-go. Our Towergarden still needs to be assembled after purchase, which Chinese growers are not very used to. This is due to people's way of thinking and living environment. Unlike overseas markets, growers need to experience the physical and mental pleasure brought by horticultural planting. In addition, the market prospect of our self-developed double helix pipeline is also very good.

Li continued, "As far as planting towers are concerned, the entry barriers are low, and product homogeneity is serious. But this also means that there is a lot of room for improvement. We have been building planting towers(Towergarden) for more than 8 years. With rich experience, we also have stable customers abroad. Through continuous debugging in actual operation, we continue to improve technology and strive to help growers maximize their benefits. At present, the biggest problem facing in China is that innovation is not enough, and we hope to learn from the knowledge of other countries and continuously improve our products and technologies.”

Our products are currently sold through Alibaba International. Since our Towergarden is detachable, it can effectively save costs during transportation and is very friendly to our customers. We learn a lot of new technologies online. At the same time, foreign customers will also give us the styles and solutions they want, and we will design and manufacture the products according to their needs, with strong flexibility.

In addition, Mr. Li mentioned that another limitation of the promotion of hydroponics in China is that consumers generally have low awareness of hydroponics. People traditionally believe that plants grown in soil are more natural, and those grown in nutrient solution and hydroponics will contain a lot of chemical elements, which are not good for health. It will take time for consumers to change this perception.

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