The most remarkable product introductions of today!

The sweetness of tomatoes, the crunchiness of peppers and the tastiness of cucumbers combine to create the worlds first ‘Topember. Then there's a square tomato and a pink pepper. Here are today's most remarkable product introductions...

Thanet Earth has been keeping a little secret. We have been working on a special and unique product that encapsulates the sweetness of our tomatoes, the crunchiness of our peppers and the tastiness of our cucumbers to produce the world’s first ‘Topember’ - the new way to have all your favourite salad items in one bite.

Chris Butler, Managing Director of Thanet Earth said, “after years of development we have finally got this product ready to be sold and believe me, it tastes amazing.”

Topember will be on sale today for one day only. So, make sure you get it whilst stocks last, as you’d be a fool to miss this great new product.

Square tomato
Yesterday, Den Berk Délice from Hoogstraten announced the development of a square tomato under the brand 'Square Délice'. Market research showed that consumers are looking for innovation on the shelf and Den Berk Délice wanted to respond to this demand with the 'Square Délice'.

Den Berk Délice from Hoogstraten is the first company in Europe to abandon the traditional, round tomato. It took a year for the tomato grower to perfect the new product, but the first tomatoes were harvested this week.

The idea behind this new shape comes from the consumer. Several surveys in cooperation with leading market research agencies showed that consumers are looking for innovation in the tomato segment, and not only in terms of colour. 39% of the respondents to one of the studies indicated that there should also be innovation in terms of shape.

Logistically, there are also many advantages. Thanks to the square shape, the tomatoes fit more easily into the packaging, and they can also be stacked. It also has an extra advantage for the consumer, because when you cut the tomato into slices, all the slices are the same size.

The square tomato is not only special in terms of shape, but it will also improve your quality of life. Because it contains more than 50% lycopene, it will protect you from many diseases. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is related to beta-carotene in carrots. When tomatoes are cooked and/or processed in sauces or juices, the lycopene can be absorbed even better.

The tomatoes were genetically manipulated using the 'CRISPR' technique. The gene "AUCSIA1", which normally ensures the round shape, was cut from the DNA, so that the tomatoes spontaneously took on a square shape.

Would you like more information about the Square Délice? Surf toélice 

Pink peppers!

Our newly developed pepper variety is almost ready for sale, Bakker Sweet Peppers shared on Facebook this week. "The last few years we have been busy developing this variety. Secretly a bit proud of it! Later this week, in addition to our familiar orange peppers, we will also be selling these pink peppers in our vending machine."

Pink asparagus
Do you like the colour, but not the taste? Then maybe the asparagus of Boeregoed are a better fit for you!  The company reported yesterday on Facebook about its Rosé Greenhouse Asparagus. "Tomorrow from 1 pm onwards we will also sell our newest own product: Rosé Asparagus. We have cultivated these asparagus by regularly feeding them with organic red wine. The asparagus are also somewhat pink in colour and taste like fresh rosé. They cost € 4.99 per pound. Get there on time because the stock is limited."


Tomato drone
In the Dutch horticultural region of Westland, the police, in cooperation with a local tomato grower, are going to start a pilot where they will use a drone to enforce minor offences such as cycling with a mobile phone in your hand, public use of unapproved electric scooters and urinating in public. The drone will be controlled from the police station in Naaldwijk, according to local website .

For the enforcement they have entered into a cooperation with a Westland tomato grower. This Westland grower gives them a load of rejected tomatoes every Saturday. They are very happy with this and it makes this Westland pilot so unique. The entrepreneur, who wishes to remain anonymous, wants to commit to safety in Westland in the framework of corporate social responsibility.

As soon as an offence is detected, the drone pilot will start flying in the vicinity of the offender. The speaker on the drone will address the citizen. This is how it will work: "Mòh, loop ut? This is police Westland speaking: You are cycling with a mobile phone in your hand. You will receive a warning. I request you to put your phone in your pocket immediately." The moment the offender does not comply, the payload operator can launch a targeted tomato to stop the offence. Given the proportionality and the limited weight that a drone can carry, a maximum of three tomatoes will be launched.

In this unique Westland way, the police are trying to reduce the number of offences in the municipality of Westland and Midden-Delfland. This pilot will be evaluated next year, on 1 April 2023. For which offence would you like to launch a tomato?

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