ZA Group, a company specializing in emerging industries acquisitions, adds a USDA Consultant to offer assistance with USDA loans and compliance for vertical growing system buyers.

The USDA consultant was engaged shortly after the company secured its second vertical farm order during the month of March 2022. The Consultant has over 6 years in the farming industry owning Miracle Life Farm, a family-owned farm. MLF successfully grew Thai Guava, Sugar Apple, and Passion Fruit and distributed them to large grocery chains across the U.S.

ZAAG's President, John Morgan comments, "Utilizing a USDA consultant is new for us. We now not only have assistance in responding to the growing number of inquires on obtaining a vertical growing system, but we can now assist them in purchasing a system or systems utilizing extremely low rate long-term loans through the USDA. We can now help many start a new business in an essential space during an inventory scarce time without having to or with very minimal personal funds. I am proud to be part of an organization where we can now help others provide fresh produce, start a business, and create jobs."

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