Studio apartments overlooking city streets, two-story townhomes tucked away in trendy neighborhoods, large open floor plans spilling into fenced green yards. But something universal, no matter your floor plan or footprint, is that growing up with nature in the home is good for your growth.

As a kid, everything you encounter is a curiosity with the potential to impact your growing personality. While it’s essential to spend time outdoors, it is vital to be with nature indoors as well. Studies have shown your environment can have a significant impact on your mood. Light, bright, green spaces give the feeling of energy, health, and motivation. Rooms with potted plants have been shown to improve sleep quality and are even being prescribed by doctors to help treat anxiety and depression.

From wobbling toddlers to elusive teenagers, kids become fascinated, involved, and swell with pride as they learn to care for their Gardyns. At school, teenagers learn about growing food, parents share photos of toothy smiles holding bowls of fresh harvests, and children and parents cultivate special hobbies together. For Gardyner Sophie Banton and her daughter Ari, having a Gardyn at home has been a game-changer. “What started as something small for her and her daughters’ health and environment has become a lifestyle. Their days are now spent surrounded by bright, happy plants. They eat healthier, feel better, and no longer need certain medications.”

Young Gardyners (and their families) love sharing the effects their Gardyns have. Gardyn aims to create something that is not only nutritious and beautiful but inspiring and an opportunity to learn. Beauty, health, inspiration, and sharing, all essential parts of a happy life, go hand in hand, and it’s mighty nice when you can find them all in one place.

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