After 3 years of research and development supported by Innovate UK and Writtle University College, the iGrowing DC-based Smart Growing System (iSGS) has proven to be a sustainable, low-energy, low-input solution for both growers wishing to enter the vertical farming (VF) market and those existing VF growers looking to reduce costs. The iSGS system can be produced as a turnkey unit complete with cloud-based App control total and remote environmental control. 

"Built to the highest standards in the UK, the LED lighting panels are only 5mm deep to maximize the number of shelves that can be used per growing unit yet give uniformity of plant growth and with daily consumption of 1kWh per m2 per day (16-hour lighting)," says Martin Ellis, Finance director of iGrowing Limited. 

Power consumption is such that a 70m2 growing unit can easily run on a UK domestic supply, and therefore the installation costs are minimal.

"Already with low energy inputs, the use of solar and wind can be used in conjunction with integral battery storage to minimize grid demand and the use of off-peak power reducing costs further," Martin adds.

iGrowing is part-owned by the executives of Plant Raisers Limited, the UK's foremost propagator, and, as a result, customers will be able to gain both growing advice and plant material, making this a comprehensive offering from the inception of your system to deliverable crops and is suitable for retail, food service or commercial growing.

The iSGS system can be built as discreet units or by retrofitting existing facilities wishing to reduce energy costs.

For more information:
Martin Ellis, Financial director 
iGrowing Limited