Last week, Van Iperen International, Dutch producer of biostimulants and specialty fertilizers, has organized the final conference of the LIFE Plants for Plants Project.

Van Iperen International had gathered its associates and project partners to officially introduce new organic plant-derived biostimulants in conventional agriculture as well as organic farming.

From left to right: Adriano Altissimo, President and Director at LandLab; Marc van Oers, Director of Innovations at Van Iperen International; Erik van den Bergh, Managing Director at Van Iperen International; Dusan Gajin, Agronomist and Product developer at Van Iperen International; Photo by Mirjam Lems

Van Iperen International team with Plants for Plants® partners (Photo by Mirjam Lems) 

This unique group of biostimulants was developed by LandLab research center in Vicenza, Italy. After 10 years of research the technology of obtaining plant extracts from cultivated crops has been established and improved  targeting plants that are resistant to certain abiotic stresses.

The final conference was attended by distributors from 20 different countries who participated in conducting numerous trials on different crops and in different climatic areas (over last 2 years more than 120 trials has been conducted on 50 crops in 6 climate zones and in 24 countries). Participants also shared their experience with products and communication strategy on how to explain P4P benefits to the final users – growers. 

In total, prototype testing lasted 2 years and significant results were recorded which led to the final commercialization of the product.

Results conclusions
Almost 70% of the trials showed positive results meaning better quality and yield.

25% of the trials have shown neutral results meaning that the yield was similar to the control but with less input of water or nutrient.

Finally 7% of the trials have shown no positive impacts after application of the products.

This new generation of biostimulants are environmental friendly and food grade safe.

Plants for Plants® products  available on the market:

4-Vita product aims to improve the water balance in the plant during the dry season and other abiotic stresses.

4-Good product aims to improve water balance in the plant, as well as better utilization of phosphorus already present in the soil.

4-Terra product targets better utilization of phosphorus already present in the soil also improving microbial activity in soil.

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