Sustenir, a transformative indoor vertical farming leader, and Unfold, a company that combines leading seed genetics with crop growing and agronomic expertise to advance the vertical farming industry, today announced their collaboration to create new locally grown superfoods for supermarkets in key Asian markets. Through the partnership, Sustenir and Unfold extensively share data to accelerate the selection of high-performing plant varieties for vertical farms that have better nutritional value and that provide a higher yield. 

“To provide superfoods to supercities at scale, Sustenir needs a strong seed partner, one we could deeply collaborate and innovate with. Unfold, the industry’s seed genetics leader in vertical farming, was the obvious choice,” said Jack Moy, CEO of Sustenir. “As part of Unfold’s Innovation Partner Program, access to their portfolio will allow us to improve the food quality we provide to our consumers and the output of our farms so that we can meet Singapore’s growing demand for local produce as part of its 30 by 30 goals.” 

Unfold, and Sustenir’s work will create innovation and solutions that will help urban consumers in Asia live better with better greens. This partnership is part of Unfold’s Innovation Partner Program, which provides vertical farm leaders with access to Unfold’s leading plant biology expertise, digital tools, and germplasm. Through industry collaborations, Unfold works to address the challenges vertical farm operators face today, such as the high cost to yield, while unlocking new sources of value and new crop varieties. 

“Through the partnership’s data-driven and highly collaborative approach, Sustenir will provide healthier produce to urban areas. I am honored that Unfold can play a role in the company’s vision to nourish people and planet one leaf at a time,” said David Nothmann, Chief Operating Officer of Unfold. “I hope we’ll inspire others who see our collaboration to partner deeply, as only by working together will this industry unlock new innovations and reach its full potential.”  

Sustenir has already begun trialing numerous plant varieties from Unfold.  

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John Purcell, president and CEO