Gerard van der Hut has started a new position as Chief Operations Officer at Shockingly Fresh Limited. 

Gerard formerly worked at Rijk Zwaan UK as Managing Director but is now taking on his new role at the vertical farming company, Shockingly Fresh. Shockingly Fresh is developing CEA projects in the UK, France, and the Middle East with projects at various stages. 

Gerard van der Hut 

Shockingly Fresh was founded by a team with experience in developing over 4GW of energy projects around the world, which has attracted over £3 billion of investment. The team is using this experience to help locate, develop and fund the large-scale CEA projects that are essential to enable UK growers to compete in the fresh produce industry. 

Currently, the company has 1 hectare operational, whereas 23 hectares are construction ready. Twenty hectares are in advanced planning stages, with a determination expected in the summer of 2022. Adding onto that, over 60 hectares in an earlier stage of development and planning 

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